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2012 NYC Half

Kaitlyn O'Grady's Page

Hello my name is Kaitlyn O'Grady,

Since I was a child I wanted to run. I was diagnosed with CF at an early age. I will be turing 17 y/o at the end of Febuary. When I was 6 y/o, I ran in my first 5K and  found my true passion for running. Since then I havent stopped. I have run on my varsity cross country and track team since the 8th grade. Running has given me confidence, pride and most of all it has significantly improved my health. I have had many set backs during my running career with CF but, some how I always come back to achieve my goals. I hope to inspire people who also have CF to push themselves to excersise. Running hasn't just changed my health but also my life.

I feel privaliged to run for Team Boomer and help fight for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Your donations would be greatly appreciated!!!

Warmest Regards,


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