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4th and 1 5K Fun Run/Walk

Lansing, Michigan

Kaleb Thornhill's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page and making a difference!  Please help my goal of sponsoring 7 student-athletes by raising $2439.50 (Room & Board, Jersey, Shorts, Backpack, ACT Prep Materials, Dinner Etiquette)

Please read the testimonials from our camp members below to see how you’re changing someones life by donating to 4th and 1 East Lansing!

4 months ago the forth and 1 camp changed my life forever. It molded me into a better individual and a better teammate. In a couple of months I will be preparing myself to take the ACT, I will use my skills I learned from the camp to reach my goal on the test. The camp has definitely helped me in how I study and use my time throughout the day. Stefani and Dwight’s methods in how to approach the ACT will help me better understand the test so I can do my best on it.”

The 4th and 1 camp provided me the opportunity of “hands-on” experience with the ACT test. It provided me with the areas that I will need to focus on in preparing to take the test. I appreciate the leadership and guidance I was given in this area of my studies, and look forward to the continued guidance that I will receive from my mentor from the 4th and 1 camp.”

The most memorable and touching part of the camp would probably be the banquet I could feel how everyone cared for one another and it made us one big family. Even though we were from different schools and some were rival schools we still came together to work hard, learn, and further our knowledge for the game. The ending of the camp was bittersweet and it was a shame it had to end. It would be amazing if we could all come together again and show how we have changed and grew in such a short amount of time. The brick is a constant reminder about how I will always be grateful to the forth and 1 camp because of what it has taught me.”

“If you’re not making a difference in someone’s life, then you are wasting your time” – Will Smith

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