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Karen Kramer's Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!   

Ironically, FORCE considers me a hero for setting up this page and helping to raise money so that FORCE can continue to do the life-saving work that it does on behalf of the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community.  And, while this might make me a hero to FORCE, I want to share with you the story of my personal hero - my dad!

My dad is a man who watched so many of his family members battle cancer - his mother endured two separate breast cancer diagnoses, his uncle had prostate cancer, his aunt a “cancer of unknown origin,” and his cousin suffered through ovarian cancer.  And, throughout all of these illnesses, he had never heard of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer - until I called him one afternoon in early 2009 and told him that I had tested positive for a BRCA mutation. He listened carefully and then asked what he could do to help. Right away, he and my sister went for genetic counseling – both tested positive for the same mutation. This disease affects men and women, generation after generation!

Upon learning of his BRCA mutation, my dad contacted his siblings and all of his cousins so that they could have the life-saving knowledge that he believed he now had. He has created a surveillance plan for himself that includes regular visits with his general doctor, his urologist for prostate screening and annual mammograms. He jokes that he is always the only man in the waiting room at the radiologist’s office. My dad has been very supportive of every decision that I have made and offers to help whenever he can. He is outspoken and honest about his mutation and is always willing to talk to others who may need the ear of a BRCA+ man.  

My dad is my hero!!   Please help me, my sister and my dad in our quest to bring life-saving education, support and resources to others who need it.  Be my hero and support FORCE - together we can save lives.

Thank you for your donation - be empowered and be well,


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