Karen Dawn's Turkey Rescue 2013

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Karen Dawn's Turkey Rescue 2013

Karen Dawn's Turkey Rescue 2013

Hi, I am Karen Dawn, an animal advocate and author, perhaps best known, especially at this time of year,  for what has become my annual turkey rescue.

This year I have the pleasure of introducing you to Anne and Jessica Turkey, named for vegan beauties Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain. Anne and Jessica came from the local slaughter industry, destined for Thanksgiving dinner, but will be spending the holidays at our home alive and well.

While it is wonderfully fun to have live turkey guests over Thanksgiving, I really do this to raise awareness. The videos of their baths and blowdries (see side panel) get loads of attention and fantastic media, which introduces people to turkeys as animals, even pets, rather than dinner. That media often lets people know that turkeys aren't covered under Federal humane slaughter laws and even includes slaughter footage -- on Thanksgiving!

I couldn't do this year's rescue if it weren't for Kim Sturla and the gorgeous Animal Place sanctuary in Grass Valley, Northern California, who will give Anne and Jessica a forever home.  They’ll live out their lives as turkey ambassadors, greeting guests and teaching them that turkeys are interesting and affectionate individuals, who, like all beings, are just looking for love.

Here's a little video of Animal Place, the bucolic paradise that Anne and Jessica will soon call home:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J60xZ_VLUrM

If you are touched by my turkey rescue, and by the plight of most of those wonderful birds during the holiday season, will you please support the work of Animal Place? Please help them rescue farm animals and educate the public. Who wouldn't want to help turkeys, and other animals, at this time of year? Any donation, from five dollars, to five hundred dollars, will be greatly appreciated and will do much good. Just please don't leave this page without giving something.

Happy holidays!

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