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Madison Polar Plunge 2012

Madison, South Dakota

Karen Feige's Page

I am taking the plunge in honor of my sister Cindy and in memory of my dad, Wally Fawbush.  Cindy is intellectually disabled and is now with ECCO of Madison.  When Madison had a team many years ago she loved to compete in Special Olympics and I was a volunteer.  It was the time together with friends both at the competitions and the social time afterwards that she loved.   My dad spent countless hours for the rights of the intellectually disabled in school systems in the state besides local opportunities including ECCO.  This is the least I can do to give others the opportunity to enjoy the Special Olympics program.  I am excited that the Madison area is forming a team.  It is baby steps with a track team for the spring games but I hope it expands in other areas as athletes show interest. 

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