Karyn Gust-Brey's Fundraising Page


14th Annual Down Syndrome Awareness Walk

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Karyn Gust-Brey's Fundraising Page

Expect the unexpected. Whether through a prenatal diagnosis or upon the birth of a New Year’s Baby, the Brey and Proffitt families know what receiving that unexpected news of a diagnosis of Down syndrome really involves. It can be scary and uncertain. It can make you feel quite different from those all around you, but most importantly it can bless your life in a multitude of ways. It shows you just how strong you truly are, especially when you enter the world of EEGs and neurologists, something both of these families have experienced this past year. Two families each with a daughter with three 21st chromosomes and both from one Church join together in love, support, friendship, and as a team – that is what Down syndrome is all about. It is about really knowing and feeling unconditional love. Really knowing and feeling the celebration of first steps or various developmental milestones way too many of us take for granted. It is about knowing and becoming a family with the most wonderful people in the world, families of individuals with Down syndrome. It is about gaining greater sensitivity for others. For the third year we join together in the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin’s Annual Awareness Walk. We are two families joined together as one team to raise money for the most beautiful people in Wisconsin, those who just so happen to have Down syndrome.

Please help our cause through donating or joining our team. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. You can make your tax-deductible donation online, or if you would prefer, you can send your contribution to the address listed below. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! To sponsor us simply press "Sponsor Us Now"...

Please also join us on Sunday, September 26th at the Milwaukee County Zoo and walk with us as part of our Team. It's an incredible day of celebration with family, friends and people who, like you, want to raise awareness, raise funds, and raise the hope of a better world for all people with Down syndrome. With your support and involvement, our goals of acceptance, inclusion and empowerment will become a reality!

To join our team simply click on our team name link located in the upper right corner of this page, or you can visit www.firstgiving.com/dsaw. For full event details visit www.dsaw.org and click on the Awareness Walk link.

Many thanks for your support -- and PLEASE don't forget to forward this to your entire address book and anyone else who you think might want to donate and register to walk as part of our Team.
We are blessed to have the most beautiful daughters in the world – Grace and Quinn. God doesn’t make mistakes.
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Karyn Gust-Brey's Fundraising Page
Our beautiful girls!