The Schweriner Family Fundraising Page

National Lung Cancer Partnership

Free to Breathe - Philadelphia, PA

Training buddies Katharine Schweriner, Craig Schweriner, Jennie VanSant, Lindsay Schweriner, Lorie Kelly and Katie Kelly

The Schweriner Family Fundraising Page

Between January 2001 and March 2004 the Schweriner Family lost two of it's most cherished members...  Betty and Harold, known to those who loved them as "Oma and Opa."  Just shy of their 50th wedding anniversary, Oma lost her battle with lung cancer on January 25, 2001.  Shortly after that, Opa received the same awful diagnosis and his brave struggle ended on March 19, 2004.  They were and continue to be an inspiration to their family and participating in the Free to Breathe event in Philadelphia on November 2, 2008 is one way we can keep their memory alive and remember that the battle still continues for many others.  On Sunday November 2,  as we walk (Jennie will be running!) we will be thinking of them, and remembering so many amazing good times and thinking of all of you who were a part of their lives. 

Many thanks for visiting our fundraising page...   even the smallest amount will help, and if you are unable to give at this time, then please just take a moment to remember Oma and Opa. 




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