Team O'Donnell Team Hope Walk for Huntington's Disease


Orlando 2011 Team Hope Fun Walk for Huntington's Disease

Altamonte Springs, Florida
Training buddies Kathi, Joe, Meghan, Alyson, Mike and Susie

Team O'Donnell Team Hope Walk for Huntington's Disease



We are getting geared up for our annual Orlando Team Hope Walk for Huntington's Disease  This year we will be joined by friends and will be walking as "TEAM O'DONNELL" 

To all of you that know my family, you know how important it is to us and all of our wonderful HD families that we do what ever necessary to raise money for the research to find a cure.  Meghan has done her part over the past year by having deep brain stimualtion surgury to see if it would help with the dystonia in JHD.  At this time it really has not helped as anticipated and her disease has progressed.  But she felt it was worth it if she was able to help others. 

For those of you that at not sure of what Huntington's Disease is, HD does not just affect one person in a family; each offspring has a 50/50 percent chance of inheriting this mutant gene and eventually start showing signs of HD.  In HD, the nerve cells in part of the brain start dying, and causing the persons life to be cut short.  HD is a progressive degeneration of physical, cognitive and emotional abilities that ends up with an individual unable to walk, talk or think. Most families have multiple individuals that are facing HD.  HD profoundly affects the lives of entire families -- emotionally, socially and economically.  . If you don't have it then you will become a caregiver. Care giving is not an easy task to do either, watching your parent, partner, child or any other relative start to show symptoms of HD.

I will contunue to do whatever I can to help find a cure, for Joe, Meghan, Alyson and all of our HD friends.

We realize that times are tough, but anything helps.

Thank You,  Kathi

Please help us reach our goal this year,

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