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Believe In Tomorrow's 16th Annual Port to Fort 6k

Baltimore, Maryland

Kathy Walter's Page

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Footprints for Ava,

Ava Marie Anderson is my grand-daughter she was born on April 14 2010 to my daughter Amber and her future husband David after only 23 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy . Ava only had a short stay with us here on earth, she weight 13.5 oz and was 10 5/8 inches long. Amber had what is called H.E.L.L.P syndrome  which is believed to be triggered by what we now know to Amber having APS (anti-phospholipid syndrome). I have participated in the Port to Fort 6k for 3 yrs. 1st  yr 2009  I did it with my youngest daughter Brittanie and a friend , 2nd year 2011  I did it with Amber and David and we all wore Ava Marie's  footprints on our back every step was for her. I thank God everyday that I had the few moments to see the precious gift of God and because of her sacrafice I still get to enjoy my daughter. So this year with the blessing of my daughter and my future son-n-law I am putting this team together in hopes that each of those who join or donate gets to share alittle of the precious gift that Ava gave to us. Every Step will be for Ava every donation will be for those children that Believe in Tomorrow foundation helps in honor of Ava Marie Anderson!

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