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Kathy Steligo's Page

Heroes use their talents to benefit others

Kathy Steligo is a hero to the breast cancer survivor and previvor communities! As a two-time breast cancer survivor herself, she has undergone seven biopsies, four lumpectomies, radiation, sentinel node biopsy, genetic counseling, genetic testing, bilateral mastectomies, two bilateral reconstructions, once with expanders and implants and again with SGAP. Kathy understands how it feels to face cancer and the agonizing decisions that accompany a diagnosis.

Facing mastectomy in 2002, Kathy was surprised and disappointed at the lack of available information about reconstruction. A talented author, Kathy used her writing and research skills to help others make difficult and important health care decisions. Her book, The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook, has been the comprehensive and invaluable bible that thousands of women have relied on for balanced, unbiased information about mastectomy and post-mastectomy options. As co-author of Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Kathy translates complex genetics information into an easy-to-read guide for navigating HBOC. Her comforting and compassionate writing style feels like we are getting advice from a friend…and we are! Kathy makes herself available to members of our community on our website and has participated in every Joining FORCEs annual conference. We are privileged to include Kathy in our wall of heroes!


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