Katie Nordeen is going "Over the Edge"


Over the Edge-Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina

Katie Nordeen is going "Over the Edge"

On October 6th, I'll be stepping "Over the Edge" and rappelling down a 32-story building in downtown Raleigh. As many of you know, I'm afraid of heights. Terrified, in fact. 

So, why in the world would I do this?

That's easy: My sweet niece, Eleanor Ruth.  

When Ellie was born in December of last year, and diagnosed with Cri du Chat, doctors gave us a long list of all of the things they said she would never be able to do. So many of our dreams for her were shattered. But in six short months, Ellie has shown us an ever-growing list of all the things she CAN do!

All of the money I raise will support the 38,000 athletes who participate in Special Olympics North Carolina. One day, I hope my niece will participate too!

Last Spring, I had the opportunity to be part of the Forsyth County games. I got to see first-hand just how important Special Olympics is to our communities, the athletes, their coaches, and their families. 

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