Katrina van Raay's Fundraising Page


Katrina van Raay's Fundraising Page

Katrina van Raay's Fundraising Page


The Sugar Crash Benefit party is over, but we are still collecting donations!  Watch the video of our November benefit for Animal Aid and consider making an end of year tax deductible donation to this wonderful organization!



Sugar Crash is hosting a benefit for Animal Aid in Seattle! Friday Nov. 13th we will be having a special event of vegan pastries,  music, and photographs!

Nov. 13th,  7 - 11 pm
$10- $20 donation
Cherry St Coffee in Pioneer Square, 103 Cherry St
Vegan pastries, hot chocolate, and photos for sale
All donations are tax deductible and go directly to Animal Aid Unlimited!

If you can't make it to the Nov 13th benefit (or even if you can!) please consider making a donation here.

Animal Aid is truly a wonderful place. Check out what the Humane Society is saying about them.

I was fortunate enough to volunteer with Animal Aid  in India for one month in 2006.  It was a moving an inspiring experience, and I've never been able to forget about them and the animals they help.  So help me give back to this wonderful organization, your donation will literally save lives.


Your donation provides:


  • The rescue of 200 injured or ill ownerless animals for one month.
  • Sterilizes and inoculates against rabies 175 street dogs, most of whose puppies would simply not survive past three months.
  • The salary of an emergency rescue worker for one year.



  • Gives a peaceful retired life to one donkey for one year. When donkeys are permanently disabled and can no longer work, their owners turn them loose to fend for themselves in streets devoid of proper food or access to water. Animal Aid provides permanent sanctuary at a cost of Rs 40/day. Please consider adopting a donkey for one year.
  • Education in Udaipur’s schools for one month. Animal Aid’s staff have visited 120 schools in Udaipur to raise awareness and build community participation at all levels to steward the animals in their streets. Presentations, distribution of literature and making hands-on animal care opportunities is one of the most important ways we help.


  • Two weeks of petrol for the Animal Aid ambulance
  • Food and care for five dogs suffering from mange—a skin disease that is fatal when un-treated
  • Operating room instruments and equipment
  • Anesthesia for 50 sterilizations
  • Rabies inoculation for 160 street dogs
  • Plaster and wound dressing for 20 animals



This page is no longer accepting donations
Katrina van Raay's Fundraising Page
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