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Ride For Pride 9

Kayden Miller's Page

Hello all! 

This year I had the privilege of becoming the newest member of the Out Alliance's Education Team. While working closely with Jeannie Gainsburg, she has encouraged me to tackle my very first Ride For Pride!

You can imagine my excitement as this will be not only my first Ride For Pride, but also my first large biking venture!

Aside from the obvious benefit your donation makes to the Out Alliance and all the work we do here, you also get to see me riding a bike in funky clothes!  The theme for this years Ride For Pride is, "Get This Out of My Closet!". In honor of this theme, I rummaged through my closet to find the wackiest possible outfit to wear as I peddle my way to the finish line! 

 As my friends and family know, I have quite the collection of funky costumes and clothes. So if youd like to see me embarking on a 50 mile bike ride up and down hills while sporting a bright red Teletubbie costume, dontate high and donate often! 

Thank you in advance for supporting the Out Alliance and myself for the 9th ever Ride For Pride!