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Keely Shields

HELLO EVERYONE!  So happy you found the page!  I've been looking alot into ways to raise money for Keely, knowing she would want money to be raised for research of epilepsy.  This is a great program where the money we raise will go to research to help people for the same reasons we so unfairly lost our Keely.  I think with it being 6 months without her, what a better way to celebrate her life than by raising money to help others live.

     Keely lives in and through all of us everyday!  I found some very inspirational information that I would like to share with all you before you donate today...

    We set our dear one out to sea up here in Alaska, where she was headed to experience life and was truly her happiest.  Living up here I see her often, in the ocean, tress, sky, everywhere really.  I believe she is doing all this knowing I will pass on and share with everyone.  To help us all feel at peace, because in our hearts we know it's what she wants.  More often than not I see her bright colors dancing over the water.  I have never seen so many rainbows in my life as I have since October 14th and I know it's her.  Even when there is no rain to be seen, all be darn, there she is!  It got me thinking and investigating and this is what she wants me to share...

The rainbow is called, a divine covenant sign - in our terms a life and death promise ...                                     a divine pledge of...
A new beginning when the old is swept away
Unbroken divine love and care
The cyclical evolving of a new world

The rainbow represents the regenerate spiritual person - one who has lived out the path of enlightenment, whose potential has opened out like the lotus flower of the east, each stage represented by a new colour developing out of the one before. The main seven colors symbolize wholeness and holiness. The rainbow of the 'aura', as it is sometimes called, picturing the spiritual state of the person.

 RED, represents Outward good.  The good life, full-blooded and vital. 

ORANGE, represents Mercy.    Companionship, compassion and concern for others.

YELLOW represents Grace.  The bright positive thought of the gracious and humble mind.

GREEN represents Life.  The evergreen life growing in usefulness.

BLUE represents Truth.  Insight revealed through the experience of goodness.

INDIGO represnts Wisdom as mutual Care. Inspiration active through wholeness and harmony.

VIOLET represents Peace and Love.  The inflowing peace creating outflowing love.

    After reading all this it all made a little more since. She was the perfect example of every color. And she still is! She is the perfect rainbow shining down on us. Surrounding us with good, mercy, grace, life, truth, wisdom, care, peace and love! Reminding us how to live everyday just as she still does. Even though she isn't with us everyday like she was she still is surrounding us all with her beauty and really wants us to know that!

    The day of Keely's funeral made me realize a lot.  I think we all walked away from that day truly realizing how many peoples lifes this beautiful young lady touched.  People of all ages and backrounds came together all because of her.  It didn't matter if you knew her for a moment or a lifetime you Wuzed her.  (For those who don't understand wuz, one of these days it will be in the dictionary, definition LOVE)  Anyways, she touched anyones life that came in her path of life. 

    Keely Shields was sent to earth with blonde haired, blue eyes, a huge smile, the best laugh, and a heart of gold to touch peoples lives.  To be an angel on earth.  To fill every soul with joy laughter and peace.  It is our job now to help her life continue touching others.

    I know a 10,000$ goal seems completly out of reach. Maybe I'm crazy and it is? There was over a 1,000 people gathered together on October 14th.  If we work together to find each of those people and everyone gives 10$ we will make this goal!   I truly believe we can raise much more than this if we all work together.  Share your best story of her with people who weren't lucky enough to know her.  Tell everyone how it was impossible to be around this gal without a smile on your face!  That alone should touch people.

   I know Keely always wanted more research and knowledge available about Epilepsy.  Let's help make that happen just like she wanted.  Let's help other families and friends not have to lose a precious life at too young of an age.  Let's keep Keely alive through us and the lives of others!

Go to to find out more about epilepsy and sudep.  The money we raise goes to this wonderful organization!

    Thank you everyone!  We can do this! 


Dear Kee,

   I can't believe it's been 6 months without you.  You gone is not a reality and it never will be.  I pick up the phone to tell you a funny story or ask your advice then shortly after I put the phone down.  As hard as it is I have to thank you for bringing me the peace that you do.  On a daily basis.  Surrounding me with your wuz just like you always have in my life.  Thank you for always being my best friend.  After all these years and for continuing to do so.  I know you are here with us all. I also know you come to me in the ways that you do so I can share and help others realize and notice your presence with them too.  I'm doing my best to be strong and keep a smile on my face and I have to thank you for the majority of that strength.  I know all you ever wanted was more information available to help make everything better.  As much as it breaks my heart to know it's too late to make you all better I'm hoping we can get people to raise money to help others.  So help us kick some ass!  I miss ya Kee, so so much and I wuz you more than anything!  Always on my mind and in my heart!


May God grant you always...
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.




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