Ken Weaver and Ali Schmidt's Fundraising Page for blueEnergy


Ken Weaver and Ali Schmidt's Fundraising Page for blueEnergy

Ken Weaver and Ali Schmidt's Fundraising Page for blueEnergy


Dear Family & Friends,

In early 2008, we were accepted to work for a Non-profit Organization (NGO) called blueEnergy. The primary objective of this organization is to provide sustainable, economically viable, and environmentally friendly energy systems to remote villages in the poorest region of Nicaragua, already the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Since being founded in 2003, the organization has been able to set up 8 hybrid solar-wind installations servicing more than 1500 people in villages along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The benefits of providing energy to marginalized communities of the world are boundless. Illiterate adults can take evening classes after the day's work, medical facilities with tools as simple as a freezer become a possibility, and the hazardous diesel lamps that burn in homes filled with women and children can be extinguished. Furthermore, there are limitless new opportunities offered through new enterprises and small businesses connected to energy access.

blueEnergy is dedicated to effecting lasting change. Every installation is maintained by the local community it serves, to whom blueEnergy provides invaluable training and capacity-building. The organization's growing volunteer base invests a tremendous amount of energy into advancing blueEnergy's vision. However, an initiative of this scope cannot be carried out with volunteers alone. blueEnergy's ambitious plan for the coming years will require a significant outlay of capital as well as sustained funds to support operations.  The organization is working to diversify revenue sources and maximize income generated by projects; eventually project-generated income will be the organization's primary source of revenue. However the road to that goal is long and difficult; blueEnergy needs your support to get there.

With the opportunity to work with blueEnergy, we have been positioned to learn about applying renewable energy to the developing world, and will personally be working with these communities to help advance a sustainable development model for blueEnergy.  One of our new goals as blueEnergy volunteers is to each raise at least $2500 in donations that will be used to support project activities and the growth of the organization. It would be a huge help to us, and the Nicaraguan communities, if you could give to blueEnergy in our name.

Please donate by credit card above.

We will be making updates on this blog site, if you would like to track our progress:

Alternatively, if you’d like to send us a check, please make it out to “blueEnergy” with either of our names in the memo: 1360 Mission St. Suite #200 San Francisco, CA 94103.

blueEnergy is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States-- this means your donations to blueEnergy are tax deductible.

To learn more about the organization, visit our website at:

blueEnergy founders, brothers Mathias and Guillaume Craig, and childhood friend Lâl Marandin (not shown) were featured recently in the CNN Global Initiative “CNN Heroes.” The clip that was aired on television and is available at blueEnergy's Media page: along with other videos & pictures linked to blueEnergy's work.

Thanks in advance for your gifts and consideration--

Ken and Ali


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Ken Weaver and Ali Schmidt's Fundraising Page for blueEnergy
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