Dance & Music Sponsorships for Children of Angkor


Dance & Music Sponsorships for Children of Angkor

Dance & Music Sponsorships for Children of Angkor

 A Sharing Opportunity for the New Year

  “Giving a Future to a Child of Angkor”

Some of Cambodia's poorest families live just a short drive from the awe inspiring temples of  Angkor Wat. After 10 years rebuilding the lives of villagers with wells, sanitation and conventional schools, the Nginn-Karet Foundation (NKFC) has opened the first dance school in Cambodia teaching traditional music and the ancient art of sacred dance.

Girls and boys attending the rigorous classes grow in discipline and spirit while gaining a vocation for their future. NKFC's practical programs have proven themselves, inspiring families and transforming poor children with little self-worth into gracious individuals who are beginning to face their future with confidence. Today, the hearts, minds and souls of these children have begun to dance in harmony with their bodies.

168 Dreams...

There are now 168 young dancers struggling to attend the NKFC Conservatoire. These children work hard to attend both academic school (one half of the day) and dance or music school (the other half). There is no charge to the family for a child to attend. The only way for children to meet the costs for food, medicine and family needs is for an outside sponsor to cover the cost.

A price that will make you laugh, or cry...

I've been to the school. I've seen how hard these children work, and I've seen their homes. I truly don't know whether to laugh or cry when I tell you what will change their lives. The cost to sponsor each child is less than $1 per day. Less than $1 will carry a burden far beyond the financial means of their parents. Less than $1 will change a child's life.

Please consider helping just one child

For $5 per week you can support a child that you choose, allowing him or her to fulfill a dream to follow in the footsteps of the celestial dancers and musicians seen on Angkor Wat and other ancient Khmer temples.

Your gift will give the world a new dancer or musician in 2010 (the total cost is $260).

Your kindness will give a talented child the chance to work in the beautiful Cambodian arts of dance and music.

Please specify what type of student you want to support:


FOLK DANCER (girl or boy)

MUSICIAN (girl or boy)

When we receive your email we'll help you select a child. This is a very small group and your help will make a very personal difference in one life.

PS - To sponsor an individual child requires $260 but please feel free to donate any amount to this good cause.

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Dance & Music Sponsorships for Children of Angkor
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