My Amazing Mom


Suncoast Miles for Melanoma 5k Run/Walk 2012

Largo, Florida

My Amazing Mom

How do I begin to explain how much my mom meant to me? She has made me the person I am. She was the most caring, giving, and thoughtful person I have ever known. She was the type of person that if she saw someone being picked on or saw feelings being hurt, she would step in. A prime example of this is when she was teaching elementary school and on the way home from work she noticed a young boy being pummeled by a group of teens. My mom jumped out of her car and broke up the fight. That was her though, always putting others before herself.

Her determination and strength were unparalleled and she displayed that till her last breath on August 16, 2011.  Yes, I miss her everyday but I take great pride in the fact that she was MY mom, and I was extremely lucky to have her.

So please, if you could donate anything you have toward this cause, it would be greatly appreciated. My mom was a special person and I'd like to keep her fight going by ending this horrible, insideous disease.

Thanks so much!

I Love You, Mom!

Kevin aka "Your Son"

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