2011 ING NYC Marathon


2011 ING NYC Marathon

New York, New York

2011 ING NYC Marathon

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Your donations will help fund research to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  A fatal disease that affects 30,00 people in the U.S.  Yes, I am one of the lucky 30,000 along with 3 of my siblings. 

Living with CF is no fun.  I am running the marathon to raise funds, awareness and to challenge my lungs to function at their peak level.  Every day I deal with the struggle of mantaining and controlling this disease.  Doing inhalent antibiotics, taking pills and shaking my lungs to try and clear them out are my daily rituals.  It affects my lungs the most and I will be running the marathon at approximately 60% lung capacity.  The average life expectancy for people with CF is 37 years old.  I'm killing that at 38 years old!  

My goal for this marathon is to finish!  This stupid little mutated gene can not beat me!  

There are advances in the fight against CF every day.  With your help one day we will find a cure.  Then we won't have to worry about any sort of life expectancy data.

You can follow my road to the marathon at www.kevinrunning.wordpress.com

Please help me do my part for the Cf community.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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