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2011 Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon

Nashville, Tennessee
Training buddies Penny Martin

kim gross's Fundraising Page

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I have been training for 11 weeks now. I run about six days a week and my longest run so far is 6 miles.  It is such a huge commitment to train for a half marathon. So many times I don't feel like running but I do because I know that if I skip a day here and there it will become more difficult to finish the race.  So, I keep pushing.

Paul and the kids are coming to Nashville to support me and I am very excited about that. The kids want to enter the kid's race that they hold the night before. We will see about that.

I have raised $2000.00 so far and only six hundred more to go. I will feel much relief when I reach my goal.

Thank you to all of you who supported me by making a donation..

I will update again.

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know by now that I will be participating in the Nashville Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tenn. on April 30, 2011. I started training back in October and I remember how difficult it was to finish one mile. I was not in shape at all, and quite honestly, I don't know what I was even thinking when I committed to a half-marathon(13.1) especially since I have asthma and Sjogren's Syndrome.

Well, my reason for reaching out to all of you is to let you know just how far I've come since October. I have been running four days per week and strength training on two, leaving one day for rest. It has been such a challenge to stay committed especially when it was one of the longest, coldest winters to train in, however, I am now up to 10 miles and this week I will complete 12 MILES!!!! More importantly, I have decreased my asthma medication and doing very well.

With only 21 days until RACE day I am very excited and proud of this huge accomplishment. I feel very good about the fact that I am setting a good example for my kids that when life gives you road blocks, you can make the best of the situation by turning it into something positive. I never thought I would be in a half- marathon and now I will be running 13.1 miles in a few weeks and I raised over $2000.00 for the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation.

So, in closing, I just wanted to share my progress with all of you, and as always, if you would like to contribute to this great cause you can go to



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