Galavanting's #FollowMeAtSea Fundraising Page


Galavanting's #FollowMeAtSea Fundraising Page

Galavanting's #FollowMeAtSea Fundraising Page

(note: We reached our fundraising goal only because we underestimated your's not too late to join in and become a vicarious voluntourist!)

As you may know, the Galavanting Gals are soon headed on a Western Caribbean cruise, and one of the ports of call is the island of Roatan, Honduras. Though we're only "drive by" visitors to Honduras on this trip, one of the reasons we decided to take a cruise was to highlight unique opportunities for travelers, which aren't often featured on cruise vacations.

As Honduras is the poorest of the Central American nations, there's an opportunity to do a little good in-between the sunbathing and rum punch.

We'll be visiting the Elfrida Brooks School which educates 180 of Roatan's Kindergarten through 6th graders and also provides them with nutritious meals, clean clothing, and school supplies. Check back here, on Galavanting, or on the #FollowMeAtSea stream on Twitter for updates, as well as videos of our visit to the school on November 11th.

The gals and I will have a bunch of school supplies in our bags -- but if you'd like to give something as well, why not donate $5 or $10 bucks directly to the school?

Donating through First Giving is fast, secure, and your donation goes directly to the organization. For more information on the Roatan Children's Fund, visit their website.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to tweet about it, share on facebook, or forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Happy Traveling!
Kim Mance & The Gals
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Galavanting's #FollowMeAtSea Fundraising Page
Elfrida Brooks School, Roatan, Honduras