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Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis

5th Annual NYC 5K Run-Walk-Hike

New York, New York
Training buddies Yvonne Redline, Ashley Romero

kimberli Leonard's Page

In 2003, my mom, Joan Armetta-Leonard lost a short battle to Pulmonary Fibrosis. She was only 57. I will never forget that helpless feeling of frustration, and the lack of answers that my family had, as to why we couldn't prevent this. I can't help but remember when I held her hand as she passed and wished that moment didn't ever have to happen, at least not that soon.  Then, just this past November, her younger brother, Jimmy Armetta, lost his life suddenly to this same disease. He was 60.

Along with my sister, Yvonne Redline, and my cousin Ashley Romero, we are helping raise money to find an answer; to assist with research and education and hopefully prevent other families from this sudden loss.On a search for a cure, we may be able to find ways to treat Pulmonary Fibrosis. Thats our goal.

We appreciate any help you can provide. This is a very important cause to us, and we would be so grateful if we can help others who are dealing with this and have time to prevent this same devastating loss.

Thank you

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