Kimberly Switzer's Fundraising Page


Kimberly Switzer's Fundraising Page

In memory of Asher Switzer-McCoy

Kimberly Switzer's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. In honor of my son, Asher, I am raising money towards CHERUBS.

As most of you know Asher was diagnosed with CDH during a routine ultrasound when I was 18 weeks pregnant. After numerous doctors visits and tests, the results did not give us much hope that our son would live, even if his heart would last the duration of the pregnancy which was looking doubtful. At 21 weeks, it was clear that Asher had pulmonary hypertension already  and that alone was very worrysome but when you add the organs that were clearly visible in his chest(stomach and a part of his liver), the damage to his left lung and heart along with the hypertension severely decreased my sons chance of survival.

On July 4th 2007, at only 24 weeks gestation, Asher James Switzer-McCoy was stillborn. He weighted 530 grams and was 30 cm long. After the autopsy was completed we found out that the damage was far more extensive than we originally thought caused by numerous organs that hernitated into his chest.

Any donations you can make are more than appreciated and will be sent directly to the CHERUBS organization. There are so many families affected by CDH and CHERUBS tries to reach out to them all, but funds are greatly needed to spread awareness as well as finding why the diaphragm does not develop so hopefully one day no more innocent lives will be affected.

This page is no longer accepting donations