Brain's Flight--Raising $$$$ for Brain Tumor/Cancer Research

National Brain Tumor Society

Brain's Flight--Raising $$$$ for Brain Tumor/Cancer Research

Brain's Flight--Raising $$$$ for Brain Tumor/Cancer Research

 Though I have completed my initial 3 week tour "Brain's Flight" is not over!  I am continuing to barnstorm against brain tumors & cancer.  

We did it!!!!!  We are over $50,000 and now it is time for a new goal and project on my mission to raise awareness and research money for cancer and brain tumors. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

Hello I am Brian "Brain" Kissinger, a 5 year brain tumor (oligodendroglioma, stage II) survivor and avid pilot.  I am so thankful for my recovery and good health that I've made it my goal in life to raise as much money as possible for cancer and brain tumor research.  One way to do that is through what I call "Brain's Flight"      

It is expected that over 190,000 brain tumors will be diagnosed in the United States each year.  Few of these patients will be as fortunate as I have been fighting my brain tumor. I am flying and fighting for them.  

In June ’07 I flew the 1942 World War II Piper L-4 Cub we restored across the country for 3 weeks to raise awareness & money to help save lives and eventually find a cure. 

 Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to my fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Every dollar you donate on this site goes directly to the National Brain Tumor Society,, for brain tumor research 

 I pay for my airplane, fuel, & expenses out of my own pocket so every donated dollar goes to NBTS for research.  

 Please make a donation to NBTS today...even a $1 donation helps!      

 If you are a GE employee your donation may be eligible for a matching gift.  Please go to for more information and to register your donation.   

 Cheers!   Brian "Brain" Kissinger

  p.s. Please visit my official website: for more information, pictures, a list of my sponsors, and much more!    


  You can also make a direct donation to NBTS if you prefer: Phone Donations: Call the NBTS office at 1-800-934-CURE (2873) or (415) 834-9970 during normal business hours (9 am to 5 pm PST Monday to Friday) and provide them with your credit card information. All that we ask is that each credit card donation be a minimum of $25.00, and that you earmark the funds for "Brain's Flight."  Mail Donations: National Brain Tumor Society 22 Battery Street, Suite 612 San Francisco, CA 94111-5520.  Make the check out to - NBTS (memo-"Brain's Flight").  NBTS's Federal Tax is #94-2876985.   And don't forget to ask if your company matches your generous donation.  Thanks!!!   (p.s. NBTS recently changed their name from NBTF (foundation to society) 


   Other donations raised outside of this webpage for brain tumor/cancer research...THANK YOU!

   Betros, Chris- $250 and a GE corporate match of $250 , Cavallaro, Lou- $250 and a GE corporate match of $250, Harrison, Matt- $400 and a GE corporate match of $400, Von & Judy HincherJohnson, Kathy & John- $90 and a GE corporate match of $90, Kirksey, Jean- $35 and a GE corporate match of $35, Kissinger, Brian & Priscilla- $310 and a GE corporate match of $310, O'Connor, Neil- $250, Theobald, Mona- $200 and a GE corporate match of $200, Young, Al- $50 

  $3000 raised for brain tumor/cancer research during 2004 Air Force Marathon--THANKS TEAM!

  Plus other GE corporate matches!!!  Sada, Greg ($100), Kissinger, Scott ($149), Beckett, Ron ($50), Rimer, Wayne ($100), Dorn, Jason.  

 $10 Harold & Barbara Laudien, $20 Tom Sadowski, $100 Dr Brandenburg, $10 Jim Russo, $50 Hector Brown  $500 Tom Schlafy, $500 Tim Proctor, $500 GE match for additional BK donation, $500 GE match for Don Ledwig, $100 GE match for Marquerite, $50 GE match for Chris Heble-- Thank you everyone  

  $560 from the kind people of Hecker, Illinois, $100 Ray Rice, $50 Roger & Linda Hansen, $50 Aviation Safety of Indiana, $100 Tim & Suzy Hurst, George & Sharon Morrison $50, Jim & Eileen Wilson $200, Denny & Rita Mercer $100, $47 various cash donation from other generous people along the way...thanks!

  New updates with $1,615 from Charleson, SC barnstorming tour with ANOTHER $100 from Von & Judy Hincher that will receive a $100 GE foundation match.  $1100 from Burnet, Texas donations. $475 Gulf Breeze/Pensacola stop (thanks CW, Skinny & Sue, George Proctor, the Nolans, & Doug Kirchggessner & family for all your support!), $120 from Tio Pablo and St Rose Pharmacy, $100 from F14, $500 from Avery Tools!!!  $525 in additional GE foundation matching funds.  $1,000 at June 22 Relay for Life, $100 from Hecker, IL Knights of Columbus.  $25 Deimeke's, $400 more in GE employee foundation matches, $25 FJ Hale, $200 Dr Robert & Joni Quaas (my buddy Eddie's parents), $3,000! from Jacie Ann Crowell in honor of too many people who have died and some that are still fighting cancer & brain tumors.  $100 Larry Frey, $200 from Colonel Pete Wangler (retired...congrats!).  GE match for Lisa Mcallister-Price $100 donation.  $200 pledge from Col Scott Cusimano...thanks Scott! ANOTHER $250 and a $250 GE Match from Chris Betros!  $100 from the DeRuntz family, $50 Ronald Thomas, & $305.42 from Sparta fly-in proceeds! $89 from Alexa Kissinger’s (1 of my 3 daughters) co-workers at I Scream-You Scream Ice Cream parlor, and $150 from fireman Tom Yohe running a half-marathon for brain tumor and cancer research!  Richard A. Miller from GE Consumer & Industrial just had his $1000 donation matched by the GE Foundation!  Thanks everyone for being so generous!  I just added another $500 from my personal donation after selling a camper to Brian & Renee Boise...the GE foundation will match my personal donation!  6/16 another GE foundation match of $550.  $50 from the Crossroads Trinity Church of Cahokia, IL.  Thanks!

  Keep it growing! 

 Total of $25,852.72 raised off-line!!!

4 Aug 08 update- Dick Miller (GE) donated $500 by check plus the GE foundation match for $1,000 total....thanks!  Dick is a fellow GE'er and brain tumor survivor.  $1,025 in additional GE foundation matches.  $17 from Bill Buckholtz.  12 Dec 08 update- GE matches for Malcolm & Vicki Chang's donation $384 and Chris & Alex Betros' $166.30.  Thanks!

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Brain's Flight--Raising $$$$ for Brain Tumor/Cancer Research
Enroute in my 1942 L-4 Cub