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Kate Sievers's Page

Dear family and friends,

For the month of June I’m raising money for The Samfund, an organization that’s extremely close to my heart.

To quote a blog post I did for the Huffington Post a while back,

"Looking back, as hard as it was, between the weekly treatments, the painful shots, the hair-loss, and constant worry, I ended up growing more than I ever thought I would. Going through something so bad ended up bringing me something so good. It hasn't been easy, but I found my silver lining. The people I've met will be in my life forever, and the imprint The SAMFund has left on me has shaped who I am today. We all grow from our experiences. I became a different person. When life threw me cancer, I had no choice but to take every negative thought and throw it out. I put myself out there, found somewhere that I belonged, found somewhere that made me feel complete. I found my niche in life, and I couldn't be more proud of who I've become."

If it's not super obvious right now, I'm very passionate about The Samfund. I love giving to them- whether it be through donations, or having a fundraising event, or an online campaign- I want to give back. I know exactly how the young adults feel when they get that phone call. I want to be able to help give that to someone else- and I know exactly where the funds go that I am helping raise.

That's why I’ve committed to raising $500 for The Samfund during June, in support of their #RaceTo2MM campaign. Just $500 can cover one month of rent, or two months of health insurance, or five grocery bills for a young adult survivor this year. Every dollar donated brings The Samfund one step closer to their goal of awarding two million dollars in grant funding by 2018.

Please consider making a gift to my fundraising page and together we’ll make a difference in the life of a survivor this year. No donation is too small! 

Thank you!

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