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The Samfund Holiday Campaign 2016

Kate Sievers's Page

Dear family and friends,

This holiday season I am raising money for The Samfund, an organization that is incredibly important to me. I hope you will join me in supporting them and young adult cancer survivors across the country.

We all have bills to pay. But for young adults, who are also facing medical bills, doctors' visits, prescription costs, and a host of other cancer-related bills -- not to mention trying to start their career, attend school, or build their family -- the costs become overwhelming. The Samfund is the first and largest organization dedicated to helping young adults who are struggling financially because of cancer. Cancer isn't free, but together we can tackle the costs.

That's why I’ve committed to raising $2000 for The Samfund during this holiday season.

Please consider making a gift to my fundraising page and together we’ll make a difference in the life of a survivor this year. For a young adult who might be one rent check away from eviction, or struggling to feed her children, even a small donation can go a long way.

The Samfund just finished notifying 64 people that they'll be receiving grants to help them pay their bills, and in January they'll open up another grant cycle. The more we raise now, the more they'll be able to award as the new year begins.

Thank you so much for your consideration and your generosity.



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