Stray Cat Strut


Tree House Stray Cat Strut 2012

Chicago, Illinois

Stray Cat Strut

Tree House Humane Society takes in stray cats and gives them a place to live until they're adopted, if ever.  I am a Certified Crazy Cat Lady (CCCL).  It's a duo for the ages.

My mom and I are walking five miles in the Stray Cat Strut to benefit Tree House in June.  I need your help to raise the money that Tree House needs to maintain its no-kill mission.

A warm, fuzzy feeling is not all you'll get when you donate to my walk.  Anyone who donates $40 or over will be entered into a drawing for a gift basket of goodies.  I will be putting this basket together and it's going to be good, believe me.

Also, there is a special prize for the person or people who donates the most to my cause.  I will wear that person's name on my person during the walk.  I have yet to figure out how, but it's going to be creative.

I am willing to do what it takes to raise this money, so if there are any challenges you wish to issue, I am up for it, after careful review, of course.  You want me to wear cat ears during the walk?  A cat tail?  Cat face paint?  I'll do it-- for a price.  Let your imagination run free!

So let's do this, folks.

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Stray Cat Strut
Kodi, available at Tree House