I am turning 50 and proudly support International House Davis


I am turning 50 and proudly support International House Davis

I am turning 50 and proudly support International House Davis

Dearest friends,

On June 23, I am turning the big 50!!

My journey of the past 50 years has been amazing, thanks to the support and love of my family and friends. I feel fortunate that I have also been able to make a difference and meet amazing people through the nonprofit organizations that I am involved with, including International House Davis and Sahaya International. That's why I want to use my birthday as an opportunity to pay it forward.


For the past 8 years, I have been on the board of International House Davis, because I strongly support its mission:

International House aims to foster respect and appreciation for people of all cultures and to encourage a global community for cross-cultural exchange. To achieve this goal, I-House provides programs and services for international visitors, students, academic institutions, businesses, and community members alike.

For more information about International House Davis, visit www.internationalhousedavis.org.

I am eager to continue this journey the coming decades as long as I can.

Therefore, at this milestone of 50 years, I want to celebrate life, and reflect upon the opportunities to make a difference by paying it forward.

Instead of any gifts for me, I invite my friends who like to join me in this celebration, to make a tax-deductible contribution to International House Davis via this page (click on the donate now button) and/or to the charity Sahaya International, which I founded in 1999, and which has been helping underprivileged communities in developing countries. To learn more about Sahaya, go to www.sahaya.org, or watch our documentary www.sahayagoingbeyond.org. To donate to Sahaya, you can go to http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/koen/50

If you prefer to donate via check, mail your check payable to "International House Davis" with mention "Koen's birthday", to:

International House Davis
10 College Park
Davis, CA 95616

Regardless of whether you are able to donate, you are all invited to my upcoming birthday party:

When: Saturday June 27, from 6:00 pm to 10 pm.

Where: International House Davis (10 College Park, Davis, CA 95616)

More details about the birthday party will follow soon!

Many thanks for all your support!

Warm regards & hugs,


This page is no longer accepting donations