2nd Annual X Core Fitness Biggest Loser Competition


2nd Annual X Core Fitness Biggest Loser Competition

2nd Annual X Core Fitness Biggest Loser Competition

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I have chosen to take part in this exciting fundraising event that is very special and important to me. On behalf of the UMass Memorial Foundation, I am asking for your donation towards this event and the important program that it supports.

The UMass Memorial Foundation raises funds on behalf of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc. Through the careful and responsible stewardship of these funds, the Foundation works with donors to facilitate advancements in medical research, patient care and the education of tomorrow’s medical professionals. Some of the programs supported through gifts to the Foundation include cancer research, pediatric child life services, newborn intensive care, hospice care, equipment needs for research and patient care, and medical education. I invite you to learn more about how you can support UMass Memorial by visiting the UMass Memorial Foundation web site, by calling 508-856-5520 or e-mailing giving@umassmed.edu

Your gift to the UMass Memorial Foundation has the power to change and save lives. With attention focused on research, patient care and medical education, your support of the UMass Memorial Foundation helps put medical advances into action, improve health and quality of life and educate tomorrow's medical leaders.

It is a helpless feeling as a parent, when you see your child struggling to survive the minute they are born. It was tough for my wife and I as our first child was born and the NICU was immediately called in to assist him. It was the quick thinking of Doctor Jonathan Spector to immediately start my Son on antibiotics, and that decision was key in my Son's recovery. The doctors and nurses were there to answer any questions and offer support throughout his stay in the NICU. When it was time for our Daughter's delivery at UMass, we were confident that if any problems arose, that the NICU would be there. Fortunately, the NICU was already in the delivery room during my Daughter's delivery due to the possibilty of Meconium Aspiration. My Daughter was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck 7 times and tied in a knot. The NICU quickly took over and got our baby girl stabilized and she did not have to stay in the NICU as our Son did.

There are countless stories like mine, and I'm sure you know someone who has had outstanding care from the UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Please give what you can to help.


Kris Crepeau Owner/Trainer X Core Fitness

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