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Krista Purnell's Page

Imagine a world where students, regardless of zip code, have access to a rich, robust, and multi-faceted educational experience.  Where not only do they aspire to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers, but also urban planners, fashion designers, and geneticists because they've had exposure to professionals in those fields.  Where they learn creative expression through yoga, step, and martial arts.  Where they have the skills to critically think, problem solve, and lead their peers because they have been enveloped in a culture of support in which they are expected and empowered to do so. 

Imagine that? 

Well, imagine no more!  While there is still much work to be done in closing the acheivement and opportunity gaps, Citizen Schools is a driving force in making that dream a reality and YOU can help us get there! 

As you may know, last July, I began my tenure as Managing Director of Program for Citizen Schools New Jersey.  After working for 4 years in New York, it was so wonderful to come back to Newark where my career as an educator began.  I know firsthand the talent and potential students here possess and I was excited to be part of a movement to provide unique learning opportunities to them.  During the past 6 months, I've worked with a team of dedicated and passionate educators to make that happen.  This has had its share of challenges, but I am confident we are on the right path to make an impact. 

I'm asking you to partner with me in continuing to provide opportunities to our students who are proof that kids CAN when provided the right tools.  

How can your contribution (of any amount) help our students? 

Purchasing supplies such as:

* Fabric for Project Runway (our fashion design apprenticeship)

* Robots and Programming Software for Robotics

* Baking ingredients for Flour Power (our baking science apprenticeship)

* Costumes for Theater

* Healthy Food for Wellness Cafe (a nutrition apprenticeship)

Transporting students to locations such as:

* College Trips (we've already been to the University of Pennsylvania and Drew University and have plans to visit Bloomfield College and more!)

* Prudential Offices (where a group of our 8th graders work directly with Prudential employees serving as mentors)

* Animal Shelter (where our animal advocacy apprenticeship traveled)

* Cisco (where students will experience the teleconference room on site and get to present to students in Japan!)

So, family and friends, I ask that you join me in supporting our students as they tap into their great potential and become the future leaders our nation needs. 

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