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2012 Boston Marathon ® Running for Cover Team

Training buddies Kathleen McCann and Colleen McCann

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3/4 with 6 weeks to go my cousin Colleen and I headed out to run 18 this morning.  It was cold and rainy and we were both a little nervous.  My Aunt picked us up in ken more square and dropped us off in Natick.  We trucked our way through the rain and slushy streets and sidewalks and made it up heartbreak and all the way back to kenmore.  Could not have done it without Colleen, when I struggled she was strong and vice's great to have a running partner!  We ended up running 19.7 miles!!!   Boston here we come!





 I want to give a big shoutout to Coolibar!  They are a sun protective website who donated a gift package towards my fundraiser!  Pleae check out their website|8789|coolibar||S|e|6629679134

They have really fashionable sun protective clothing at a great price.  Its so important to be protecting yourself everytime you go outside! 


Thanks Coolibar for such a generous donation... you helped  make my fundraiser a great success!


1/27/12.... Ran 15 miles this morning with Coll!  First 7.5 were great!  There were lots of hills on our way back that made it a struggle for me.  I had a few moments of mental hurdles but I made it through.  I honestly kept thinking that the money I raise will help save anothers life.  So thank you to everyone!


Yes.. I am running the marathon again!  Three years ago I joined the Melanoma Foundation of New England's marathon team to raise money for the prevention of Melanoma.  I had the most amazing experience training, fundraising, and running the marathon. 

As a survivor of Melanoma,  joining the MFNE's Boston marathon team helped me come to terms with my life as a melanoma survivor.  A little about my story for those of you who don't know.  I grew up on Cape Cod and spent my summers sailing, swimming, and at the beach.  If there is an activity to be done outside I have probably done it!  The summer after I graduated from college I was diagnosed with my first Melanoma.  A year later they found another melanoma.  Both were found early enough that they were removed and no cancer had spread.  My life has had to change dramatically since that time.  I no longer can spend hours upon hours in the sun. 

Since the marathon I have spoken in health classes in the school I work in and have volunteered at different fundraisers for others trying to raise awarness about Melanoma.  I have been seeing my dermatologist every six months and have been Melanoma free since 2007!!!!   My life has had to change dramatically since I first was diagnosed with melanoma.  I no longer can spend hours upon hours in the sun.  I wear SPF 100, hats, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing.  It is a struggle everyday but I know how important it is. 

Many people in my life have recently been diagnosed with melanoma and I felt the desire to share my story as well as others to continue to raise awareness about this preventable cancer. 


This year I am running the marathon with my two cousins!!!  I am so excited and hope that you can share in my excitement.  My first goal is to raise $2,000 by Jan 31st!!!  Please help support my effort about an issue so close to my heart!  

No amount is too small!  Don't forget to check with your employers as we do match!  Finally, please forward this on to anyone you think may wish to donate!



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