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2011 CURE's Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time

Kristen Sorrell

Kristen's Story

This June, our daughter Kristen Brooke celebrated her 8th birthday. With every passing year we grow more and more aware of how blessed we are as a family. Her 4th and 5th birthdays happened during the course of 27 months of chemotherapy. Her 6th birthday took place just days before the port in her chest was removed.

When she was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of 3, parties and celebrations changed forever. The intense chemotherapy treatments were very difficult. At times, she had to take as many as 12 pills per day. We spent over 40 nights in the hospital during those years. Countless trips to the emergency room with fevers, missing 38 days of kindergarten, and having to check out of school early once a month to go get chemo were all written in our memory books as well.

We are more than blessed to have our beautiful and healthy daughter with us today, but we can’t stop asking people like you to donate to CURE. We have watched family after family be ripped apart by the loss of a child. While the survival rates for children with cancer have risen significantly in our lifetime, they are still not good enough. Until that 80% becomes 100%, NONE of us should stop the quest for a cure. Doctors say that the only thing standing in the way of healing every child is the money for research. Please search your heart today and give everything you can so that EVERY CHILD WINS!!!

Thank you so much.
The Sorrell Family

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