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A Walk Home 2012

E. Taunton, Massachusetts

Team Pisano's Page

Joey (5) and Lucas (4) will be leading Team Pisano in the 3rd annual Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) Walk For Adoption on May 20th!  We look forward to this event every year.  Not only is it a chance for us to give back to a cause that is close to our hearts, it is also a day to celebrate our family, which became official on August 25, 2010.  Please help us raise money to support MARE in their work to find a permanent place to call home for the hundreds of waiting kids in foster care right here in Massachusetts.  Here is what our little team leaders had to say in a recent interview about the upcoming walk:  

What does adoption mean to you?   

Joey: That I get to keep my family FOREVER!

Lucas: My moms love me really, really much!  And my brother, and my Hopey, and my Pretty, and my Butchie, and my Brobee!

Why should other people donate to the walk?

Joey: So everybody has a family!

Lucas: So other kids can get happy!  And maybe I can get a balloon that says 'Happy Adoption!'

Will you give your own money to the walk?

Joey: Yep!  As much money as I can.  Maybe a whole dollar or something.

Lucas: Hmmmm...I will give 'em like ninety-nine dollars...if I can find that much dollars.

What would you like to say to people who donate to our walk?

Joey: Thankyou for other people getting families!

Lucas: They are really, really, nice and I'm super-duper happy from them!

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support and don't forget to spread the word to anyone who you think might like to help!


Raylin, Kristin, Joey and Lucas

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Team Pisano's Page
Please help us "walk kids home" in 2012!