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MS Run the US - 2016 Relay

Los Angeles, California

Kristina Myint's Page

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Relay Runner for the MS Run the US - 2016 Relay

What: The MS Run the US - 2016 Relay is a 3,000 - mile relay across America to raise awareness and funds to help CURE Multiple Sclerosis (MS)! The Relay begins in April 2016 in Los Angeles, CA and is completed in August 2016 in New York, NY.

Eighteen (18) runners have been selected to run on average 160-miles over six consecutive days during their individually assigned segment. Each runner dedicates a week of running on the road with the Relay, while collectively the Relay spans a distance and duration of 3,000-miles in 4 months.

My section of the run is the final segment. I will begin running from Sunbury, PA on August 6th 2016 and finish running in Fort Lee, NJ, on August 12th 2016. (aproximately 172 miles) I am extermly excited to be honored with this final leg. It will be a difficult, yet rewarding run with roughly 11,000 feet of elevation gain and filled with beautiful landscapes!

*Update: I have added another segment. I will now be running Segment 4 as well. I am honored to be able to run two segments for this amazing cause! Segment 4 starts on May 5th 2016 in Milford, UT and ends in Nephi, UT on May 9th. This segment is roughyl 140 miles and has an elevation gain of 6,181 feet. I am beyond excited to take in all the gorgeous views that Utah has to offer!


I have been running most of my life, however, it wasn't until 2013 that I really became a runner. After the Boston Marathon bombings, I decided that I wanted to take a stand with all the other runners out there, that were not going to sit on the sidelines while our sport was the target of terrorism. After a great year of firsts, in my running life-first marathon, first Ultra marathon, first Half Ironman Triathlon, I yerned for something more. I wanted to make a difference using my athletic gift. I wanted to help others with this gift.

In 2014, I started fundracing (raising money for a cause through racing). My first choice of fundraising was for MS research. I know quite a few people who have struggled with MS, so I thought it would be a great cause. I was succesful in my fundraising efforts in 2014 as well as 2015, and beat my fundraising goal both years! For 2016, I was lucky enough to be choosen as an athlete for an AMAZING relay team, that will be running across the entire US. I hope to crush my fundraising goal once again and greatly appreciate all the support from every one that donates, shares my page, and cheers me on along the way! My efforts would be impossible with out the help of everyone!


Kristina aka Fireball

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