Mutual Ground's Walk for Hope and "Fun" Run


Mutual Ground's Walk for Hope and "Fun" Run

Geneva, Illinois

Mutual Ground's Walk for Hope and "Fun" Run

Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome to my Walk For Hope page, my personal effort to raise funds for Mutual Ground. By donating through this site, your contribution will go directly to Mutual Ground. It's fast, it's easy, and it will make you feel great

I decided to get involved with Walk For Hope because I want to make a difference.

For so many of us, our world has been safe and secure—free from violence and abuse. However, for those who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the world seems full with darkness and despair. When they finally make the decision to get help and come to Mutual Ground, they arrive hurt and broken.

Mutual Ground, located in Aurora Illinois, gives victims options. Mutual Ground gives victims a future. Mutual Ground gives them safety, healing, support and encouragement. And all the services are free. While revenue does come from government and foundation grants, there is never enough to go around. This year is especially difficult because of the State of Illinois budget cuts and this tough economy.

I hope you will support my fundraising effort and the vital work of Mutual Ground by making a tax deductible donation right now. Here are some examples of what your donation could do:

$17 a child who is a witness to domestic violence will have art supplies.

$26 will provide an individual counseling session for a child who witnessed his mother’s abuse.

$61 will provide two counseling sessions for a victim of domestic violence.

$97 will provide a victim and her family with a night of shelter.

$162 will provide a rape victim with two therapy sessions.

Thank you!

Please be as generous as you can. Donations made on this site are safe and secure. I hope you forward this link to others who may want to help too.

You can learn more about Mutual Ground by visiting their website,

This page is no longer accepting donations