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Christine Nicholson's Page (Krypto's Cause)





 My team is dedicated to my own little pup who was found as a stray at my work (at about 4 1/2 months of age), and a few days later became deathly ill with PARVO. I rushed him to the vet about 24 hours after he became sick and as soon as I suspected Parvo. When the test came back positive I was devastated. This sweet puppy was given only a 10-15% chance to live, but he had already stolen my heart and I had to try to save him. I couldn't afford to hospitalize him, but I requested all the medications he needed to take home. I was awake nearly all of the first night.. afraid that if I slept I would wake up and he would have passed. It took an over a week of twice daily IV fluids and aggressive medications to fight the virus, but he kept fighting and so I didn't give up. He pulled through in the end and I decided to keep him and call him Krypto (after Superman's super dog) because he beat the odds that so many puppies don't.

 The moral of the story:


Krypto's entire life and death struggle could have been avoided if he'd gotten his Parvo vaccinations when he was supposed to. A couple of $8 shots could have saved him the suffering of this painful and deadly virus.

*Shelters and Adoption centers help to provide these vaccinations and other care that is ESSENTIAL to the health of pets at LOW COST, but they can't do it without OUR support!*

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!





Krypto's Story:

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Christine  Nicholson's Page (Krypto's Cause)
Krypto with his buddy Chaos!

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