Every Cat Is A Top Cat


Walk For Animals 2006

Training buddies Ramona, Bucky, Finnegan & Buddy

Every Cat Is A Top Cat

My net friend Ramona told me she wants to help kitties who need a forever home find one.  Like Ramona, I too was a 'shelter kitten', but I'm from a long way from New Hampshire; I'm from San Francisco! 

Sometimes Kittens and Cats need a little help on their way to their forever home, and that is what the Humane Society provides.  Good food, a warm place to sleep, a little medical care, and a place to hang out where they can meet the person or family to call our very own.

Its been a long time since I was a kitten (I'm almost 7) in the shelter where I met my forever person. Faster than you can say "whisker lickin" I was taken home.  Now I spend my time lap sitting, purring up a storm, mooching treats and telling people what's what with my many meows.

I hope that all the kitties are as lucky as Ramona (and her brothers Harper and Brendan) and I are and find the forever home where they can be Top Cat.  And I hope that you will help them on their way.

Purrs for stopping by and all your help!

--- Beezer

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Every Cat Is A Top Cat
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