2011 Los Angeles Ride for Kids®


2011 Los Angeles Ride for Kids®

Los Angeles, California

2011 Los Angeles Ride for Kids®

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On May 14th, I will turn uhhhh, like 30 years old.

To celebrate my own crazy, healthy, long life, I will honor a great friend, lost this year to a brain tumor...

Lara Howard York

On May 15th I will again be riding with hundreds of other bikers, all getting together to raise funds for little kids who desperately need surgery for pediatric brain tumors (through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Ride for Kids) .

For those of you who might not have known her, Lara was one of the finest friends I've ever had; After being recommended by a United States Senator, she was one of the first women to ever attend (and graduate from) West Point, a skilled paratrooper and a graduate of the master's program at USC, Internationally respected consultant in advanced technology who traveled to help companies around the world including St. Jude and Medtronics, a devout Christian, my neighbor as a little girl, and a member of "The Class of 151," my 'gang' while growing up!

Lara died this year of a Grade IV AstroCytoma (Glioblaphoma), brain tumor...the sixth of my childhood friends to do so.  

This year I am asking anyone who loves children, or Lara, or your own brother, sister, mom, dad, or friend, to make a tax-deductible donation that WILL help pay for brain surgery and treatment for a young child this year. 

No donation is too small. All are totally tax deductible.

This group of motorcyclists is so huge that we generally raise about a quarter of a million dollars, cause a terrible traffic jam, and make the evening news.

Click here and check the video out!

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