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2010 Los Angeles Ride for Kids®

Torrance, California

Lacey Kendall's Fundraising Page


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On May 2nd (next weekend) I will again be riding with hundreds of other bikers, all getting together to raise funds for kids suffering with pediatric brain tumors. This year though, I am riding in honor of a great friend of mine, Kellie Brothers (later: Kellie Simms). Kellie died this year of a  Grade IV AstroCytoma (Glioblaphoma). Doctors say that tumor could've been sitting and waiting in her brain since we were little girls, flinging water balloons at each other at her house in North Rialto.

      This year I am asking anyone who loves  Kellie, kids, motorcycles, KCAL FM, me, bikers, water balloons, or who hates brain tumors to make a tax-deductible donation to this wonderful cause and make it possible for some little girl or boy to run and play and fling water balloons at another little kid as annoying as I was.

No donation is too small. All are totally tax deductible. the link, make a small donation, help a little kid and then watch the news next Sunday.

This group of motorcyclists is so huge that we generally raise about a quarter of a million dollars, cause a terrible traffic jam, and make the evening news.

Damn bikers!

Thanks, You totally ROCK!


P.S. Look what my other cool friends have already given (below)!



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Lacey Kendall's Fundraising Page
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