Tyler's Journey


2012 Walk For Hope Family Fun Day

Lafayette, Louisiana

Tyler's Journey

Tyler is a 4 year old boy with Autism accompanied by a heart disease called Prolonged QT Heart Syndrome. He is full of life, majority of the time a "dare-devil', and loves hugs! At 2 years old, we noticed delays in speech. For his 2 year old checkup at the pediatrician visit, we could not answer "yes" to majority of the questions on the developmental checklist. We immediately seen a neurologist and began speech and occupational therapy. Tyler is still attending speech and occupational therapy in Lafayette and also attended a social play group. Tyler is not completely non-verbal but it is rare that you will hear him say a word appropriately. If he does, it feels like we just won the Lottery! As he gets older, other symptoms begin to show up! We are excited with the progress made but we are still researching other types of therapy that will be beneficial to his individual needs. Due to his heart disease, many of the medications that may help Tyler with symptoms from Autism, may not be an option for him. This is another reason why therapy is an important part of our life right now! As a parent, I hate to see the increasing number of Autism diagnosis being made; however, I believe, and Tyler is proof, that Early Intervention is a MAJOR role in the progress! This journey is not one that we planned but we are ready to face it head on!! We are very thankful for all the people that have helped and supported us along the way!

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