Please Donate: Odin Needs Your Help


Please Donate: Odin Needs Your Help

Please Donate: Odin Needs Your Help

UPDATE: Odin has been adopted after waiting over 10 months in our care! THANK YOU all for your donations and support. We could not have done it without you!


We are raising funds for a very special dog named Odin. Odin has some medical issues and his medication alone costs the shelter $100 each month. Donations will also cover future visits with the dermatologist and any other medical attention he may require while in our care. In these situations, we typically turn to our Angel Fund to cover these costs. Since Odin has been in our care for such a long time and is in need of so much, we'd like to raise funds which will be used strictly for his treatment.

Odin is available for adoption and also a candidate for our Foster Program. When Odin is adopted, any leftover funds from this fundraiser will be used to purchase his medications and those meds will be sent home with his adopter.

More Information on Odin and His Condition:
Odin is a 7-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. He was surrendered back in September of 2013 because his previous owner could no longer keep him. When Odin came to us he was not in the best of shape.

Odin was taken to a local dermatologist and they suspect he has color dilution alopecia and potentially an allergy. Color dilution alopecia is a genetic skin disorder associated with abnormal pigment distribution in hair shafts. Color dilution alopecia typically causes dry, flaky skin, which can also be itchy. Secondary bacterial skin infections and wounds from the dog scratching can occur. Antibiotics and medicated shampoo are therefore needed as necessary. Color dilution alopecia is chronic and irreversible, but the prognosis is good. It is a cosmetic problem that does not affect the dog’s quality of life. His current treatment includes an antibiotic twice a day, cyclosporine once a day, and a skin lipid complex once a week. It is strongly recommended that Odin continues to see the dermatologist for all future treatment and care.

While this may be quite the undertaking, Odin will pay his family back with tons of love, cuddles & kisses. He truly is a sweetheart and deserves a loving forever home. Odin just wants a person, and a home, to call his own.

Can you help Odin?
$15 will buy a large bag of dog treats for Odin
$30 will buy an 18 pound bag of Odin's food
$40 will cover Odin's Skin Lipid Complex for 1 month
$60 will cover Odin's Cyclosporine for 1 month
$100 will cover Odin's medications for 1 month

We would like to thank everyone in advance for helping Odin!

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