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Again this year, we are taking on THREE challenges in hopes of raising THREE thousand dollars to support The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation AND to support the incredible women faced with the challenges that TNBC imposes on their lives.

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We have been touched personally by TNBC.  In 2005, Mama Funk was diagnosed with TNBC.  She endured the challenges of chemotherapy, radiation, and constant medical appointments and we thought she was done dealing with cancer.  Just before Christmas 2007, we learned that that wasn't the case.  The cancer was back and had metastasized. 

We knew this year would come, but we had hoped it was farther away. This is the first year that we raise money in the memory of Mama.  She passed away April 15th 2010.  She passed away just as she wanted, holding Papa's hand, and listening to him read.  So this year we run in celebration of a life well lived, full of love. We run to celebrate the difference that one single life made.

Our Challenges:

23 May 2010. Run like a Girl

6 June 2010 The Northface Endurance Challenge Half Marathon

9 October 2010 The Seagull Metric Century

We are going the distance towards the finish line, the cure. 

Many thanks for your support in helping us reach the finish line -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might be interested in what we are doing!

Thank you,

Terri and Larisa


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Celebrating a life filled with love.