Lauren Kosker, Running for Melanoma Research


2007 Boston Marathon

Lauren Kosker, Running for Melanoma Research

WelI...I made it!   April 16th came and went.  In the days preceding, it rained, it was cold, and it was windy.  Then it all came together just in time for the race of my life.  I could not have done it without all of the support from my friends, family, and donors.  I was also honored to be associated with and run for the Melanoma Foundation New England.  With all of your donations, the Melanoma Foundation will continue to find better treatments for cancer patients and spread awareness of Melanoma.  Thank you everyone, for caring and giving some of yourself to this fantastic cause...and for having faith in me! 

The Melanoma Foundation is still accepting donations!

I would like to thank my Mom and Dad (Robin and Jim Kosker), Gertrude and Arthur Holzberg (Mom Mom and Pop Pop), Aunt Arlene Renaud, Aunt Elaine Czaplinsky, Aunt Ethel Weiss, Aunt Ruth Green, Judy Deitcher, Angela Maselli, Uncle Eddie Love, Lynne and Lanny Kurzweil, Alan and Carol Mendelson, Helen and Dave Johnson, Debbie and Leo Rios, Judy Schwartz, Annie Wong, Rose Bernknopf, Ellen Gonzalez, Lydia O'Dea, Cindy Foley, Jamie Willmuth, Mel Mayer, Millie and Bob Cortez, Fern and Joe Mayer, and Cathy Mencarini for their offline donations!

I would also like to thank the following offline donors who attended my fundraiser at Joe Sent me on Feb. 18th.  A great time was had by all!

Mike Sclafani, Briana Wilson, Matt Wilson, Alex Wilson, Mr. Wilson, Dana Smith, Missy Johnson, James Dowdy, Mike Dowdy, Caroline Lindstrum, Jen Rankin, Nick DeMaster, Dave Paek, Lauren Pizzi, Marilee Mazzola, Bob Mazzola, Sarah Sparrow, Pat Niebauer, Kevin Kacavich, Meri Salloway, Marcus Sclafani, Mr. & Mrs. Sclafani, Paul Dilorenzo, Danny Marshall, Athanasi, Darviris, Peter Darviris, Brendan Marshall, Alissa Yerardi, Thomas Minehart, Marissa Gallinelli, Mike Greeley, James Lucking, Santiago Noriega, Luda Mochegova, Jan Cereci, John L. Sullivan, II, Amanda McGriff, Erin Flanagan, Tara McCrath, Erin McGrath, Mike Hoogendoorn, Alan Zarora, Holly MacArthur, Danielle Robinson, Erick Pricka, Elisabeth Small, Iva, Monique Farrar, Tim Lawrence, Darleen Fester, Angela, Barry, Sam & Victoria Mirrer, John, Matt Arminio

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Lauren Kosker, Running for Melanoma Research
Mile 17 of the Boston Marathon!