Vietnam 2010 Outreach !!


Vietnam 2010 Outreach !!

Vietnam 2010 Outreach !!

 Maybe you can spare five dollars ( a Starbucks drink?)...Maybe you can spare ten dollars ( a pizza? ) maybe you can spare thirty five dollars ( the cost to get your nails done? ). Sacrificing one of those would make all the difference in this project. I encourage you to donate today.

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The mission of this outreach has made such an impact on my life in such a short amount of time. I remember laying in bed, awake, thinking about these children and the one slow and unmoving ach was what living without nurturing, healing touch must mean to them...

It means they feel untouchable. 

Think of how many times a day you touch your child, hugging, spontaneous kissing, hand holding. Songs with rhymes and dancing, picking them up to carry them across a hot sidewalk or running them through a sprinkler. It all seems so instinctual to hold and love your children through touching them, but across the world, and many places in between, this nurturing and loving interaction has no place in these children's lives. 

During our stay in Vietnam we will be providing pediatric massage to infants and children living with many different and complex conditions, including effects of Agent Orange, HIV and AIDS, child survivors of landmines and orphans with special healthcare needs such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. 

We are also committed to providing much needed support and love to the people that care for these children on a daily basis. 

 There is a great need in these children, to expierence the good in human beings. Please help me to bring nurturing touch and healing to these beautiful children.


Check out   for beautiful pictures and a full description of the trip. 

Thank you so very much for helping me take this step towards the Vietnam Outreach 2010. 

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Vietnam 2010 Outreach !!
I am so blessed to have this opportunity