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Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association

The Sigler Family

Imogene's Story

At around seven months of age, we noticed that Imogene wasn't really using her right arm to do things like play with toys. We mentioned this to her pediatrician, and were sent to a neurologist and a physical therapist. After an MRI on her brain in September, Imogene was diagnosed with Hemiparesis, a form of cerebral palsy, on her right side. The most likely cause, based on her MRI results, was a stroke in utero. She goes to physical therapy and occupational therapy each once a week, speech therapy twice a month, and will need eye surgery this summer. Through it all she's been an absolute joy to be around and we've all learned so much about love and family and friends! We've also found a huge amount of support and knowledge from the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, which is why we've created this page. 

Why We Need Your Help


Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) is co-sponsoring the 2010 Neurobiology of Disease in Children (NDC) symposium along with the Child Neurology Society (CNS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Pediatric stroke researchers from around the world will provide information to hundreds of pediatric neurologists about pediatric stroke.  In addition, the co-sponsorship will bring in 20 young researchers interested in further research of pediatric stroke.  


Where Does Your Donation Go?

Any amount is a great amount! All money donated on our site will go directly towards the sponsorship of the research symposium; however, if you choose for your funds to be directed elsewhere, please e-mail me your preference at  Other projects include:

  • Publishing a book about a young girl who has survived a stroke;
  • Campaigns for awareness that early hand preference is not normal development and these children need neurological evaluations; and
  • College and trade scholarships for young adults who are hemiplegic and/or stroke survivors.


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The Sigler Family
Imogene in all her cuteness!