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Special Olympics Montana

Super Grizzly Dip 2013

Missoula, Montana

Lauri Pulley's Page

What started as a friendly husband-wife dare is now a tradition! This is jump #4 for me and every year about this time I start to think, oh geez, can I do this again? Remember last year when my feet nearly froze to the asphalt?

But as it gets closer and our team gets together and we get to hang out with some of the athletes I remember how much fun we have every time and I'm pumped up and ready to go.

Last year was my first year as "Ice Ice Baby" and I'm still debating whether she'll be my character this year or if I'll change things up a bit.....stay tuned.

Anyway, I'd sure love it if you'd find it in your heart to throw a pledge my way. Even $5 gets me closer to my goal of $200 and all the money we raise stays right here and helps our local Special Olympics athletes get to and from their competitions around the state.

P.S. This is definitely a spectator sport - by all means come and watch!


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