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Anne Hosterman's Fundraising Page


Imagine the joy and anticipation of childbirth.

Imagine the shock and anquish to discover your child has had a stroke.

My name is Anne Hosterman and I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Leah. She is a beautiful, loving 8 year old who is full of life with an amazing laugh and infectious smile. She loves to sing, dance and swim. Her true love is Disney World where she wants to live as a real life princess!

Leah had a massive stroke at birth, resulting in cerebral palsey and arthritis. She is known as a right hemi, meaning she has a weakened right side and has limited use of her right hand. She struggles everyday to do the simplist of things Leah has had numerous surgeries and has therapy daily.

While strokes in children are as common as childhood brain tumors and cancer, most people are unaware that infants and children can have strokes.

Pediatric stroke research is severly underfunded. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to be directed to pediatric stroke research which will lead to early diagnosis, recognition and treatment.

Imagine the difference we can make for these little stroke survivors!


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