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Boston Marathon 2014

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Boston Marathon

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page to benefit the NEW LEMBERG CHILDRENS CENTER AND PLAYGROUND.

The Lemberg Children’s Center is a innovative children care center that develops children, families, teachers, researchers and ultimately the field of early childhood education itself. Over the years the demand for Lemberg’s services has grown and as a result, a new building is under construction, which will enable it to almost double the number of children they serve to 70 and will include infant care, expanded toddler care, and part-time care options. The building is funded but unfortunately their playground is not. Here is where your donations is needed and it is an important purpose for my Marathon Run.

The Lemberg Children’s Center has been an important part of my life for over 16 years. A year after I graduated from college I began working at Lemberg as a Head Teacher in the Explorer room with toddlers and young preschoolers. I continued teaching for over 10 years, working not only with the children and their families but training the college students. I now work with Lemberg implementing the ACT program, supporting parents and caregivers as well as training professionals to run the parent programs.

During my years at Lemberg, I went to graduate school, got married and had two great children. Throughout all of this the Lemberg community stood by me and supported me. I think back on all of the special families that I worked with and how they touched my life. I think of the college students who grew over the years to become not only caring teachers but also activists supporting early childhood education and leaders in their own fields. Lemberg is not only a daycare/ preschool, it is a special place where you can learn, find support, and get a good hug, no matter how old you are.

This year I will be running with my friend Christine who is a stroke survivor and supports Teddy’s team for the heart and stroke association. Because the stroke affected her vision and visual processing I will be her guide during her run. Last year I ran the first half of the marathon with her and then another guide took over to continue on the route. She was ¾ of a mile from the finish when everything happened. Christine, who is not only an amazing mom, but also an amazing person will be running the marathon again and my hope is to be there by her side. I also wanted to be able to do something good for those who have cared and supported me during my life. This is why I chose to raise money for Lemberg.

By supporting this fund to build the Lemberg playground, you will be giving many new generations of children a place to learn and grow. However, in my eyes it’s more then that, it’s supporting the true spirit of Lemberg and allowing more children, parents, and college students the opportunity to learn, be supported and loved.

Please help me meet my goal of raising $2,000. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thanks for your support and generosity, and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!



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