Kennel Up Schmennel Up 2011... Get Me Out of the Cat House


Kennel Up 2011

Conway, New Hampshire

Kennel Up Schmennel Up 2011... Get Me Out of the Cat House

 HELP!   They keep raising the amount of their demands to free me... 

I find myself incarcerated...against my will.  (I can't imagine why anyone would be willingly incarcerated)  I am being held in Conway, NH at the Animal Rescue League of NH - North.  They tell me that I need to raise a ransom (they are calling it an adoption fee) to return home.  I am told that there are others in similar circumstances being held in kennels in other parts of the complex, but I am the only person, at the moment, in the new "feline community room" .

It's not that the quarters are cramped, they are in fact quite spacious.  They are pleasantly bright, a large window overlooks a canine playground.  There are several cushioned multi level trees on which to climb, sit or nap.  In fact there are cubbies to cozy down, space to move round, run, wrestle or just walk about... but it isn't home if you know what I mean.  So please help me out... to get out I mean.

I have promised my cell mates that I won't forget them... they are all trying to get home(s) too, but have less access to the internet than I do.  So pass the word... there could be dozens more than those of us in this one cell.  My captors were overheard planning to use my adoption fee to help spring others in this cubicle. 

My cell mates include: 2 brothers - York & Boston, both have long black hair; 2 brothers and their sister - Gunner, Prince & Candi, the guys hang together and the gal is reserved but friendly; Darwin, who most folks call MOM; Pippin, a real nice guy; and Marbles who is a vivacious young lady who is svelte inspite of a voracious appetite.

One bright note, I have a secret patron willing to put up $200 if four others make a $200 effort to spring me I have now request the matchfrom the benefactor to qualify! That scenario would be great, but ANY help you can give, in any amount, will be greatly appreciated.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress me are making.  Checks written to ARL-North should be mailed to: Notchland, 2 Morey Rd, Hart's Location, NH 03812 (they will be sent through proper channels), or use this convenient First Giving Page. 

Thank you for visiting my Personal Fundraising (Ransom) Page. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support-- I would really appreciate it if you would forward this to anyone who you think might donate too!   I need all the help I can get...we all do!

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