Forever Friends...Don't Forget, (Les Schoof's Page)


Kennel Up 2012

Conway, New Hampshire

Forever Friends...Don't Forget, (Les Schoof's Page)

Real Friends are Forever

At times friends just have to reach out and help... some we know, others we have yet to meet. 

Recently we lost a couple of swell friends, Tulip & Butterscotch.  Both of these exceptional canines found themselves homeless at one point in their lives and were befriended by folks who helped them find fabulous forever homes.  They each were lucky enough to find doting folks to care for them in wonderful homes surrounded by family and friends for the rest of their years.

That is what ARL-North is all about.  With the assitance of our sister shelter in Bedford, ARLNH, we are rescuing more animals today than ever before.  Helping them back to health when necessary and matching them up with the people who will care for them for the rest of their lives. 

Crawford and Felanie have asked that our page this KENNEL UP season b e dedicated to Tulip and Buttersctotch... so we bring their exceptional spirit,  in the coming months,  to as many pups and kittens, cats and dogs sharing that joy with the people who need them.  For that goal I am going back to ARL-North's shelter and into the cat room once more. (Both Tulip and Butterscotch happily shared their homes with rescued felines!) 

Your donation, in any amount is greatly appreciated.  Help us help the homeless critters.  Once we reach our goal I get sprung and return to Notchland, dogs & cats & all.

Thank you for visiting my Fundraising Page. I will keep everyone posted on the progress we are making.  Checks written to ARL-North should be mailed to: Notchland, 2 Morey Rd, Hart's Location, NH 03812 (they will be sent through proper channels), or  Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support-- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

3/26/12   We are down to the wire here... and my goal has been raised to help meet the goal of ARL.  We are less than $300 away from the goal of $10,000 and it would be great to push past that before the end of the month... March 31, 2012.

Be the lamb that takes us out of March on a high note. HELP to get us there and keep the lions that brought us here at bay!  Extra Thank yous to all who have helped on this page and others to assist with Kennel UP 2012


3/31/12  OK we're down to the wire.  I've been at this for a month and a half and I just raised my goal again this time to the unique (and not so arbitrary) number of $2,346.  WHY?  you ask... because if I can make that or more ARL will make its goal of $10,000 for Kennel Up 2012.  Do whatever you can can to help me push all of us over the top.  Thanks to all who have helped and all who still can. We're almost there!  Only $256 more $$$ and home.



2/11/12     AVIP (Very Interested Party) has come forward, perhaps inspired by my rhetoric, more likely drawn by the cause.  To encourage all my friends to dig ever deeper, said VIP  will pass along two $100 contributions ... one for Tulip and one for Butterscotch... if we can bring in two additional contributions or $200 or more.  Any donation you can muster will make me a happy camper!  LES 

2/12/12  It is terrific to have friends far and wide supporting this work.  Just like this generosity, ARL's critters (my cell mates) flow in from all over.  Not only the immediate NH area but throughout New England and around the USA.  ARL's adoptions reach just as far.  When a new family meets their perfect match, be it kitten or cat, pup or dog... mouse, gerbil or guinea pig the distance home is a welcome trip.  Help us create numerous Bon Voyages.  There's no place like home!  

2/13/12  I was gently reminded today by one of my feline companions, who sits here patiently waiting for you, or someone you know, to come and take her home... that another of our friends crossed over this past year.  Star, a sweet cat, is surely missed... so for Star we will dedicate our next days here in the Cat Room at ARL-N.

2/15/12  It gets real quite here at night, once all the critters settle down.  The dogs down the hall give one last shout out and then doze off.  Here in the Cat Room there's some purring going on, but even that seems to be winding down.  It's been quiet on my giving page too.  I guess I'll need to "rattle the cage" a bit tomorrow.  One benefit of being here this time...Tom Dean is in a kennel down the hall... he's started gently strumming his guitar a bit.  He's in a contemplative mood, crooning Imagine.  Nice choice for a lullaby.  It's comfortable enough  here at ARL-North, but still Home is where we would all rather be.

2/19/12  Today I am pleased to say I have met the demands of the VIP with several $200 contributions.  Now the VIP needs to deliver their pledge of $100 each for Tulip and Butterscotch.  I would also suggest that although it wasn't part of my original plea deal that they consider delivering an additional $100 to honor Star.  I in turn will  increase my goal to $2000 and work into March if necessary to raise it.  Come on folks let's find more cash to help more critters find more homes.  THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED TO DATE!!!

This page is no longer accepting donations