I Am Fine Challenge


I Am Fine Challenge

I Am Fine Challenge

Thank you to all the people who supported the Fisher Centre for Alzheimer’s Research when I rowed sole and unsupported from Miami to New York City.

Sadly, I didn’t raise my $50,000 target. So I am adventuring again.

This time I am leaving water far behind as I attempt the Marathon des Sables; a 150 mile footrace across the Sahara Desert.

I still have not completed a marathon and my longest run is 20 miles. During the MDS competitors have to carry all the food and equipment needed for the seven day race through 40 degree heat and across sand dunes.

Please show your support for this endeavour and help secure funding for a much needed cause by throwing a few dollars towards a fantastic charity.

(And if you’re in the UK you can still donate – the dollar exchange rate isn’t  crippling)

Thanks for your help and dont forget to tweet me on Twitter 

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